Winter Season Essay 200 Words

Winter Season Essay 200 Words

Winter Season is a very significant season in India and it lasts for three months. January and February are the two coldest months of this season. People discover a totally different vibe this time. Nature becomes completely different. The sun comes late and generally, it doesn’t even seem.

Everybody has to put on warm clothes. People want to stay house this season. However poor people need to work and they suffer a lot. Most of the time they can’t afford good warm clothes. And that’s why they face illness. The students get winter trips and they don’t have an excessive amount of strain to study. There are various large festivals that people have fun in this season. This season is a favorite for many people because you will see that fresh vegetables and fruits. Many people go for family tours on the trip. It’s the right time to get pleasure from snow falling. Overall winter has a big impact on our life. We are able to benefit from time a lot. It feels nice to stay at a house under a blanket. It’s a very good time for rich people to give away some warm clothes to the poor. With so many positive and negative sides, this season has significance for the farmers.

The Winter Season Essay in English


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