When You Are Old Summary (2nd Puc)

The poem “When You Are Old” by William Butler Yeats is a really nice poem about how time passes and people get older. It’s written to a woman who didn’t love the person speaking in the poem. It asks her to imagine herself as an old woman, looking back on her life and feeling sorry for not choosing love.

When You Are Old Summary:

In the beginning of the poem, the person speaking imagines the woman as an old lady, sitting next to a cozy fire and reading a book of poems. The woman is described as weak and having gray hair. The speaker says she dreams of the kind and loving look her eyes used to have.

Then, the speaker asks the woman to remember all the men who loved her for her beauty. And the speaker wants her to remember him too, the only one who loved her for who she really is inside.

At the end of the poem, the speaker mentions that they will no longer be alive when the woman becomes old. But the speaker’s poems will still be alive and they will remind her of the love the speaker had for her.


When You Are Old” is a contemplation on the passing of time and the unavoidable process of aging. The poem uses vivid imagery, like the woman’s gray hair and the comforting fire, to symbolize the passage of time. Additionally, the metaphor of the book of poems suggests that the speaker’s love for the woman will endure beyond their lifetimes.

Furthermore, the poem carries a theme of love mixed with regret. The speaker laments the woman’s rejection of their love and imagines her as an older woman regretting that decision. It serves as a reminder to appreciate and value the love we have, and to cherish the moments spent with our loved ones.

When You Are Old Summary (2nd Puc)

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