what is the difference between real image and virtual image?

What is a real image?

Image which is inverted and might be obtained in a display screen is known as real image.

What is a virtual image?

An image that can’t be obtained on a display screen is known as a virtual image. A virtual image can be seen solely by looking into the mirror (or a lens). The image of our face in an aircraft mirror is an instance of a virtual image.

The Difference Between Real Image and Virtual Image

Real Image

  • An image formed on the front side of the mirror.
  • To produce a real image the lenses used are of converging type.
  • Real images are formed on the screen. 
  • An image formed is Actual.
  • Real images are Inverted. 
  • Concave mirror and convex lens.
  • Real Images can be obtained on the screen. 
  • A real image is formed by the actual meeting of rays after refraction.

Virtual Image

  • Images are assumed to be formed at the backside of the mirror.
  • In the formation of virtual images, there is the use of diverging lenses.
  • Virtual images appear to get on the lens or the mirror itself.
  • An image formed is Imaginary. 
  • Virtual images are Erect.
  • Plane, convex mirror, and concave lens.
  • Virtual Images cannot be obtained on the screen.
  • By extending the refracted rays backward the formation of the Virtual image is done.

what is the difference between real image and virtual image?


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