The Tale of Custard the Dragon Summary Class 10

The Tale of Custard the Dragon” is a funny poem by Ogden Nash that tells the story of a small and fearful dragon named Custard. The poem is filled with lively descriptions and playful rhymes, making it enjoyable for both children and adults throughout the years.

The Tale of Custard the Dragon Summary:

The poem introduces Custard, a little pet dragon who is quite different from the typical dragons we know. Custard is not big and fierce but small and easily frightened. He is scared of many things, like the dark and the wind.

Custard’s owner, Belinda, is also unique. She is not a fierce warrior or a brave knight, but a young girl who loves her pet dragon dearly, even though he is afraid of almost everything.

One day, a pirate comes to Belinda’s house. The pirate is a scary figure, carrying a pistol. Belinda’s other pets, a black kitten named Ink, a grey mouse named Blink, and a yellow dog named Mustard, are all terrified of the pirate. However, Custard surprises everyone by not being afraid. He stands up to the pirate and defeats him, saving Belinda and her other pets.

The poem concludes with Belinda and her pets celebrating Custard’s victory. They sing a song praising Custard’s bravery and agree that he is the best pet dragon in the world.


The Tale of Custard the Dragon” is a humorous poem that explores the themes of fear and courage. It shows that even the most timid creatures can display bravery, and even the most fearsome opponents can be overcome. The poem also emphasizes the power of love and friendship.

The Tale of Custard the Dragon Summary Class 10

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