The Midnight Visitor Summary (Class 10)

The Midnight Visitor” is a thrilling short story written by Robert Arthur in 1938. The story follows a secret agent named Ausable, who is anxiously awaiting an important report. However, when he returns to his hotel room, he is confronted by a gunman named Max, who demands the report from him. Ausable must use all of his cleverness and resourcefulness to outsmart Max and escape with the report.

The Midnight Visitor Summary in 200 Words 

The story begins with Ausable and his friend Fowler spending an evening together. Fowler, a writer, has high expectations of Ausable being a dashing secret agent involved in espionage and danger. However, Ausable turns out to be different from what Fowler imagined. He is overweight, speaks with an American accent, and doesn’t appear very threatening.

After their evening together, Ausable and Fowler return to Ausable’s hotel room. To their surprise, they find Max waiting for them. Max is a gunman working for a rival secret agency, and he demands that Ausable hand over the report he’s been anticipating.

Ausable knows that he can’t surrender the report to Max. It contains sensitive information that could harm his country. Ausable attempts to reason with Max, but the gunman isn’t interested in listening. He is determined to obtain the report, even if it means killing Ausable.

Ausable relies on his quick thinking and cleverness to outwit Max. He pretends to hand over the report, but in reality, he gives Max a blank piece of paper. Max is deceived and leaves the room, thinking he has the report. Ausable and Fowler are safe, and the important document remains secure.


The Midnight Visitor” is an exciting and suspenseful story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The story is well-crafted, with well-developed characters. It explores themes of intelligence, deception, and danger, adding depth to the narrative.


The Midnight Visitor Summary (Class 10)

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