The Importance of Trees

Trees are an essential part of the environment. They make the environment stunning and fit for the existence of various species of organisms. Life on the earth is not gonna be possible without trees. They’re important to us in many ways. It might not be mistaken to say that trees give us life.

Trees give us oxygen

One of the important conditions for human existence is oxygen and it’s provided by trees. Tree carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. The more trees we plant, the more oxygen we get. That’s the reason going for a morning walk in a park full of green trees and plants helps us to revive our senses and make us really feel refreshed.

Trees Absorb harmful gases

Trees not only breathe carbon dioxide but also absorb other harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide from the environment. Various other pollutants are also absorbed by trees. This process purifies the air and keeps the environment clean. By increasing maximum trees, increasing air pollution in the environment could be decreased.

Trees provide food

Trees extinguish our hunger. Completely different trees give several types of fruits rich in various micro-nutrients. Fruits are eaten raw and fresh and even in their dried varieties. Other parts of trees such as leaves, roots, and bark are also used to prepare various food items. Tree leaves, fruits, and bark are also used to arrange natural medicines which help in fixing various diseases.

Trees provide shelter

Trees provide shade and people work as well as shelter for animals. They provide a cold place to sit on hot summer season days. Trees also present wood which is used to make homes and furniture.


The trees are life-saving. We are able to enjoy a good quality of life only when there are abundant trees around us. We should always keep away from cutting trees and planting more of them. We should also encourage people around us to plant trees.


The Importance of Trees


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