the importance of education

Education plays an important role in our life so we should always give first importance to education because in at present‘s time education is being used in almost all the things like – measuring height, size, quantity, and area of any object as per our requirements, counting cash in the course of the transaction in on a regular basis life. As we all know that technology is progressing day-to-day, so we now have at least that much education so that we are able to live the life ahead. Apart from these education helps a person to develop his/her thinking skill and provide support to make good decisions in each part of life. There’s a saying “A man without education is sort of a building without a foundation“.

the importance of education

Short Essay on the Importance of Education for Kids and Students

In today‘s time, education is essential for us. You can’t do something good in your life if you’re not educated. You’ll be able to obtain your goal without education. Most of the people in India haven’t got money to teach their kids so their kids develop up being educated but our government making many free schools for poor people so they can be educated. education helps us to develop our minds. Education helps us to take away poverty. So training is essential for us. there’s a quote that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

the importance of education


what is education?

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