the global warming essay

We have all heard the word Global Warming. However, most of us are not familiar with its meaning it is a phenomenon that deals with climate change which causes a rise in the Earth’s average temperature. Over the past few decades, the average global temperature has been increasing rapidly, and this rate keeps on increasing. Various activities, both natural and man-made, are contributing to this increase in temperature. The effects of global warming are critical and life-changing. It not only affects humans but also affects other creatures living on earth. The Arctic Circle has been one of the worst-hit areas.

Glaciers are melting, and avalanches are occurring more often. More than a million species are already extinct as a result. Global warming leads to several natural disasters. This leaves thousands of people deprived of shelter, food, and money. It has become a grave issue in the present times, and it needs our attentiveness. The conditions will only worsen if we do not step up in action now. Global warming is a challenging task to control. But if we all come together, we can manage to do so.

Causes of Global Warming

Global Warming is a threat to all life forms sustaining on earth. It occurs due to several causes. These causes come under two categories: Natural and Human activities.

Natural causes: One of the biggest contributors to global warming is the release of greenhouse gases. These gases include carbon dioxide, methane, sulfur dioxide, and water vapor. They cause the heat to stay trapped in the earth’s atmosphere without escaping back to space. The trapped heat then increases the global temperature. Methane and carbon dioxide are also released due to volcanic eruptions. Methane is far more capable of trapping heat than carbon dioxide. One single volcanic eruption can release tons of these two gases along with loads of ash. Methane also gets released from other sources like cattle waste, natural gas, petroleum pits, mining areas, landfills, and industrial sites. Human Activities: Man-made activities have been majorly contributing to global warming. With our evolution, our lifestyle changes, and our demands also change. Our modern lifestyle seeks comfort and luxury. Industrialization and urbanization are two such things that have led to a significant rise in our Earth’s temperature. Deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, mining of ores, and high scale industrial production are all man-made activities. We use cars, trucks, and buses as a means of transport. These utilize fuel that burns and releases carbon dioxide as vehicular exhaust. Deforestation is malpractice that has resulted in global warming. We cut trees for our selfish means. Trees are beneficial as they absorb carbon dioxide from the air and regulate the core temperature. If we continue to do so, the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will cause even more damage.

Effects of Global Warming

Global Warming has serious consequences. Here a few of them have been mentioned.

Melting polar ice caps (due to rising temperatures) leads to raised sea levels and the melting of glaciers. As a result, low-lying areas are flooded or submerged. This leads to habitat loss. Ocean water is twenty-six percent more acidic than it was before industrialization. A lot of species like polar bears, penguins, seals, and other amphibians are at risk of endangerment. Many birds choose to migrate to different areas because they cannot adapt to the changing climate. Coral reefs are the next target of habitat loss. The entire biotic ecosystem will be damaged. Up to one-third of the Earth’s animals and plants can disappear by the end of 2080 as a result of Global warming. Hurricanes, Tsunamis, and Earthquakes can occur more frequently, and there will be economical consequences. The government will be spending a lot of money on damage control and mass evacuation of people to safe spots. Loss of life will cause even more damage in the form of diseases. The fast outspread of diseases is meant to make the situation worse. Human health could be in distress. We will be vulnerable to allergies, infections, severe respiratory diseases, etc. Chances of pandemics and epidemics will increase. Destruction of agricultural lands can happen as an outcome of extreme climatic changes. Ultimately, we will be at a loss for food for the entire population. People might die out of hunger.

Global Warming Solutions – How to Stop?

Global warming is certainly challenging, but it is possible to make some changes to fix it. This can only happen if we collectively put in efforts to stop it. We, as individuals, along with the government, have to take steps toward achieving this goal. The greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere need to be reduced to a large extent. Moreover, we must utilize our resources moderately. Consumption of gasoline, electricity, and fossil fuels must be reduced. Alternative forms of energy can help us prevent the release of carbon dioxide gas. Instead of taking our bikes and cars, we should use the means of public transport.

Opting for carpools, buses, and metros are good examples. Recycling goods is a great way to reduce global warming. We can reduce our garbage if we reuse our plastic bags, paper, glass, and bottles. Instead of burning dry leaves, we should start composting. Deforestation must be stopped, and Reforestation must be adopted. Planting more trees will help regulate the balance in our environment. Apart from all these things, the government must control the industrial discharge and toxins which promote global warming. Coming up with laws and limits can regulate these problems to a great extent.

the global warming essay


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