the difference between speed and velocity

What is the Difference Between Speed and Velocity?

Difference Speed Velocity
Meaning It is the rate at
which a
distance is
covered by an
Velocity refers to the
the rate at which an
object changes their
position in a particular
 quantity It is a scalar
quantity as it
comprises of
magnitude only. 
Velocity is a vector
quantity as it
comprises of both
magnitude and
Indication Speed indicates
how fast an
the object is moving. 
It indicates how fast
the object is moving
along with its position.
Value Speed may
never be zero or
Velocity may be zero,
negative or positive.
SI Unit One can
measure speed
in m/s.
One can measure
velocity in m/s.
Change of direction If of the object
changes the
direction, it
won’t matter
because the
count of average
speed will
  When the direction
changes, there will be
a change in the
object’s velocity, thus,
an object should
follow one direction.
Interrelation Speed can or
cannot be equal
to velocity.  
An object will possibly
have different
velocities but speed
will be the same.
calculation We calculate the
speed as the
traveled per
unit of time. 
We calculate this as
the displacement of a
thing per unit of time.



the difference between speed and velocity


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