the difference between sea and ocean

What is The Difference Between Sea and Ocean ?


  • Sea is a comparatively smaller water body that is either partially landlocked or has a water quantity lesser than the ocean.
  • The depth of the sea is lesser than the ocean mostly due to the land enclosing seawater.
  • The deepest sea is the Caribbean sea with a depth of around 6946 meters.
  • The area of the sea is smaller than that of the ocean.
  • The largest sea is the Meditteranean sea covers an area of about a 1.14million square miles.
  • Sea has larger marine life as compared to oceans as it is enclosed by land and the water is shallow, the sunlight penetrates and causes photosynthesis to take place.
  • Marine life in the sea consists of creatures that are more dependent on sunlight, also
    creatures that can live in both land and water like lobsters, crabs, etc.
  • Few seas enclose other seas inside them. For example, the Mediterranean Sea also called the Great sea encloses the Ionian sea, Libyan Sea, Gulf of Lion, Balearic Sea, Sea of Sicily and the Ligurian Sea, and many other seas.


  • The ocean is an enormous, continuous water body that contains almost 70% of the earth’s water and frequently does not have any borders.
  • The depth of the ocean is much greater than the sea.
  • The deepest ocean in the pacific ocean with a depth of around 10924 meters.
  • The area of the ocean is greater than that of the sea.
  • Oceans have less marine life than sea as sunlight cannot penetrate deeper into the water and photosynthesis does not take place.
  • Marine life in the ocean is different from the sea, usually, those creatures which need less sunlight like phytoplanktons, whales, and other creatures.
  • Oceans do not have other oceans inside them like seas.
  • Oceans are divided based on the area which they are approximated to but in total are connected and are called the World Ocean.


the difference between sea and ocean


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