The Difference Between House and Home

The Difference Between House and Home

The main underlying difference between both these terms is the way they are used in general. A house & home can be used interchangeably but the word ‘House’ is more formal and focuses on bricks & roof. On the other hand, the word ‘Home’ is used more informally & usually refers to a place that has more than one inhabitant. The word ‘Home’ screams family! It is often used by those that have a family or a couple. Thus the House is a more personal word while Home is more associated with a family.

There are also some other major differences between both these words that make them stand apart from each other. A house is more characterized by its structural design, whereas a Home is often based on personal tastes & preferences!

A house often refers to the land upon which it stands while ‘Home‘ focuses on interior design & architecture. Also, you are likely to have lived in your House longer if you are an adult while your Home might be the place where you grew up.

The Difference Between House and Home



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