the difference between heat and temperature

What is The Difference Between Heat and Temperature?

Heat and temperature are related and often confused. More heat usually means a higher temperature.

What is Heat?

It is the total amount of energy (both kinetic and potential) possessed by the molecules in a piece of matter. Heat is measured in Joules.

What is Temperature?

It is not energy. It relates to the average (kinetic) energy of microscopic motions of a single particle in the system per degree of freedom. It is measured in Kelvin (K), Celsius (C), or Fahrenheit (F).


When you heat a substance, either of two things can happen: the temperature of the substance can rise or the state of the substance can change.


What is the Difference Between Heat and Temperature?

Meaning Heat is the amount of energy in a body.  Temperature is the measure of the intensity of heat.
Measures Total kinetic and potential energy is contained by molecules in an object.  The average kinetic energy of molecules in a substance.
Property Flows from the hotter object to the cooler object Rises when heated and falls when cooled.
Working ability Yes No
Unit of measurement Joules Kelvin
Symbol (T) (Q)
Device Speed can or
cannot be equal
to velocity.
An object will possibly
have different
velocities but speed
will be the same.
Calculation Calorimeter Thermometer

the difference between heat and temperature


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