Speech on 14th August in English

Today, I am sharing a speech on the 14th of August. This article can help the students who are looking for a short speech on 14th august in English. This speech is very simple and easy to remember.

Speech on 14th August in English

Good Morning Everyone,
Respectable principal, honorable chief guest, teachers, parents, and my dear friends.
I would like to wish you all a very Independence Day.
My name is Faheem Ahmed and I am a student in class 5th. Today I am here to present a speech on Independence Day. Pakistan got independence on 14th august 1947. We Pakistanis celebrate independence on the 14th of August of every year. We celebrate this day with great thousands of freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to get freedom from British rule. Due to these freedom fighters and brave heroes, We are living a happy life. We must perform all our duties as responsible citizens and support the country’s development. Let us all pledge today to work hard and make our country the strongest, most powerful, and most developed in the world.


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