Soil Pollution Essay in English

Soil pollution is one of the most common types of pollution in our environment. There are different molecules in the soil. This soil pollution is increasing day by day. We pollute the ground ourselves. We always make the dirt dirty. If we are not careful yet, we will have problems in the future. Firstly, the leading cause of artificial soil pollution is human unconsciousness. Generally speaking, artificial soil pollution is for humans. Mostly, people throw their household garbage on the ground. Some of these things are perishable, and some are also perishable. We, humans, throw unnecessary stuff into the environment. Many of them do not mix in the soil—especially plastic items, bags, shoes, ink pens, etc. As a decision, there is a lot of soil damage, and ultimately soil contamination. These two are the leading causes of manufactured soil pollution.

Because it contains a lot of chemicals. From the factory, some toxic substances released are the main reason for soil contamination. As a result, soil pollution occurs. Many chemicals are added to the soil to increase crops and make the test better. Not only this, but with the help of this plant, you can do seedlings. As a result, these chemicals mix with the soil and poison the soil. It is the agricultural cause of soil pollution. Even to protect crops from insects, they use pesticides. Because of this, there are many wounds in the soil. Not only dirt but also soil and food grains are prone to damage. Deforestation is one of the causes of soil pollution. As the number of trees in the environment decreases, soil pollution will increase. Soil contamination occurs when the amount of perchlorate in the soil increases. If chloroform leaks from the sewer line, the chances of soil contamination are very high. Soil pollution is likely to cause the most damage to humans. Because the soil produces crops, and I eat them. As a result, we may have various diseases.

Soil Pollution Essay in English

Soil Pollution Essay in English

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