Short Essay about Independence Day 2022

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Short Essay about Independence Day 2022

Independence day is celebrated as an annual national festival, to make the anniversary of the national independence of India from the British Empire on the 15 of August in the year 1947. It was the luckiest day for the people of India. When India became independent after lots of hardships and sacrifices of the brave Indian freedom fighters. We have won this freedom after a very hard struggle. Since that day, the 15th of August has become a very important day in Indian history and is celebrated by people of all religions, cultures, and traditions with great joy and happiness. On Independence Day, the prime minister hoists the national flag on the Red fort and after hoisting and reciting the national anthem, the prime minister of India gives his annual speech. On this day of celebration, the national flag is also hoisted in many schools and colleges. Many types of activities, dance, plays, etc is performed by students.


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