Plastic Essay in English

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Plastic Essay in English

Plastic pollution is a collection of plastic waste like plastic bottles, bags, etc. That adversely impacts the environment. These days, plastic is in every single place, and the amount of plastic we generate daily by using it for our comfort is enhancing quickly. Nobody realizes how dangerous it’s. It’s important to know how plastic harms nature, human beings, and other creatures on earth. We use plastic in varied ways. It’s used in building polythene bags, utensils, and plenty of different things. Slowly it gets contaminated and leads to hazardous effects.

Causes of Plastic Pollution

Plastics can’t be decomposed because of their properties. It’s low cost and has endless uses. Because of this, it’s contaminated in the environment. Plastic is in every single place, milk cartons, water bottles, meal wrappers, and many products are made up of plastics. Each time these things are thrown away, they usually create dangerous effects on the environment. As plastic shouldn’t be costly, it is one of the most easily available and overused items. When disposed of, it doesn’t get decompose easily and pollutes our environment.

When small organisms eat plastic, they become poisoned. This poisons large animals who eat these tiny animals for meals. With every step additional along the meals chain, this problem increases. Plastic is also present in the fish that many people eat daily. Many people eat fish, so fishing is an important activity in many parts of the world. Fishing is done by using finishing nets, they usually spend a very long time in the water, leaking toxins, generally they’re left to remain wherever they fall.


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