Our School Essay in English

School is the place where we study with the help of teachers. Our school is one of the best school in our city. Our school‘s name is N.D.C Public School. me and my sister study in the same school. Our school is an English medium. It’s a private school. Our school is up to 12thIt’snearby house. Our school is very big and beautiful. Our school‘s color is white. Our school has a big playground the place we can play with our friends. Our school has all sorts of facilities like a computer room and a science room. Our school has 30 rooms etc. Our school has a library the place we read books. Our school uniforms color are white and blue. There are 10 toilets in our school 5 toilets for boys and 5 bathrooms for girls. There is a huge water tank in our school for drinking water. +700 students study in our school. There are 30 teachers in our school. Our school‘s teachers are very sort and hard working. They do all the time encourage us. They do not beat us they always make us understand what is right or wrong. Our school teachers assist us to achieve success. We really feel so completely satisfied when we go to our school because school is the one way to get unlimited knowledge and the first stage of life to learn. We’re so lucky to be a student of our school. I like our college.

Our School Essay in English

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