noise pollution essay in english

Noise is a day-to-day encounter and most people do not consider it a problem. However, the noises we hear are mostly related to activities of daily living and therefore people are used to them. Pollution is a term that has been related to chemicals and major problems in the environment without the thought of noise as a pollutant to the environment. Noise pollution is however described as annoying noises that are constantly being heard in an environment. Noise pollution can be harmful to individuals and has to be taken seriously. Examples of noise pollutants include airplanes, alarms, and lawnmowers. The issue of noise pollution has to be taken into consideration because it can result in serious consequences such as hearing disturbances and eventually hearing loss.

Causes of Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution occurs in different ways. Exposure to irritating noise in the environment is dependent on the activities being done. In an environment where there are a lot of industrial activities, industrial noises will be prominent in polluting the environment. Another cause is the social interactions among people. During social interactions like events and parties, there is the pollution of noise through the loud music that is being played to entertain people.

Impacts of Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution has affected the lives of individuals in more ways than one. Health effects include the development of health problems such as hearing loss, insomnia, stress, and mental distraction. The other effect is lowered productivity at the workplace due to noise disturbances. People require maximum concentration to enhance their productivity.

The impact of noise pollution can be felt in both single exposure and multiple exposures. Multiple exposure results in hearing loss when an individual is exposed to harmful noise more than once. The hearing loss experienced upon single exposure is because of the magnitude of the noise that directly comes in contact with the ears. A gunshot for example can cause hearing loss within a single exposure.


In conclusion, people are less conscious of noise pollution. The causes of noise pollution are mainly the activities that take place within n environment. The impacts of noise pollution are rarely experienced but they can be serious. Hearing loss is a major consequence of noise pollution. Generally, noise pollution should be taken seriously just as other pollution.

noise pollution essay in english

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