My Hobby Essay in English 100 words

My Hobby Singing Essay in English

My Hobby Essay in English 100 words

My hobby is singing. I love to sing. Mostly I sing in the bathroom but I know I can sing very well. Every day I go to singing class to improve my singing. I have won many prizes for winning singing competitions. I am the best good singer according to my friends and my teacher. They say that you will be a popular singer. This hobby gives me happiness. My favorite singer is Arijit Singh. I love his voice. I think he is the best singer in Bollywood. I sing because I love to do that. I wanna be a perfect singer.

My Hobby Drawing essay 100 words

My Hobby Essay in English 100 words

My hobby is drawing. I draw pictures of people, cars, animals, and anime characters but I love to draw pictures of people. Every day I go to drawing class to improve my drawing skills. I draw when I get free time. Last week I drew a picture of a friend to give him on his birthday. I got first prize for winning a drawing competition in my school. My friends ask me how do you draw and then I teach them. I upload drawing videos for Instagram. I wanna become an artist when I will grow up. Drawing is the most perfect hobby for me.

My Hobby Dance Essay 100 words

My Hobby Essay in English 100 words

My hobby is Dancing. I love to dance. It’s not just my hobby it is my passion. Dancing is my hobby since my childhood. Every day I go to a dancing class. I got the prize for winning the dancing competition. Dancing teaches us many things it is important for everyone. My favorite dancer is Dytto. She is an American Dancer. She is often called Robo – Babe, Barbie Girl. She is amazing. She is known for her Slow motion and Robotic dance. I want to be a perfect dancer.


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