my hobby essay 150 words

My Hobby Essay 150 words

My hobby is reading. I like to read interesting and knowledgeable books and newspapers. Whenever I get free time I read books and magazines. I am 13 years old and I am studying in class 7th and I know very well that reading is a very good habit. It is a good way to gain knowledge, inspiration, and instruction. It makes me loyal, punctual, and most importantly a good person in life. It provides me with high-level knowledge and ideas to work in many fields. It grows My vocabulary. It is a peaceful hobby. It improves my skills and makes me confident. My favorite book is As a Man Thinketh. My father gave it to me on my birthday. As a Man Thinketh is a self-help book by James Allen. There is a say Readers become leaders.

my hobby essay 150 words

2. My Hobby Reading Essay 100 Words

My hobby is reading. It is a very beneficial hobby. I am so much happy with my hobby. I never feel bored reading books. I read Interesting books, magazines, and newspapers. I get a lot of knowledge from books. it provides me with ideas to work in many fields. Reading makes me loyal and punctual and a successful person in life. Reading helps me to choose the right path. I have read many famous books like belief in yourself, fear not being strong, and one day life will change. I will build a library in my home and I will open a bookshop.

my hobby essay 150 words

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