Independence Day of Pakistan Speech in English

Today, I am sharing a speech on the 14th of August. This article can help the students who are looking for a Independence Day of Pakistan Speech in English . This speech is very simple and easy to remember.

Independence Day of Pakistan Speech in English

The move is a name of planned motion that plays an ultimate grand role in an individual’s life. Movement is a word that carries a deep meaning and it shows a great struggle in the life of a nation. The movement has so many factors e.g. commitment, policy, hard work, and sacrifice. Today, I want to derive your attention to the greatest movement in the history of the sub-continent which is called the Pakistan Movement. It started a long ago but entered a practical phase when Quaid-e-Azam along with his dedicated team stepped in and he dominated due to his great efforts. He is a legend. He is a champion He fought the case of Pakistan with the force of a pen and won it on the table. The Pakistan movement range a time of almost half-century. Thousands of people moved at a time in the shape of a large migration. They left their homes, business, jobs, and even close friend behind and started their journey on the way through hardship and suffering. They lost everything. Thousands started, thousands joined them from different parts of India and they became millions. Trains, buses, and carriages picked the alive but dropped the dead. Thousands of young men lost their lives, young women lost their chaste, and children also got separated from their parents. In this way, they reached their free and independent homeland. They all raised a slogan in one voice, Pakistan Zindabad. Pakistan Zindabad. They lost they’re all and got freedom. They knew the real meaning of freedom as they paid a great price for it. The day came, 14th August 1947 which was called Pakistan day and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah became its first governor-general. Passion and freedom of being can never be suppressed. It rises as much as it is pressed. The application of the same formula was observed during Pakistan Movement. People got out of control as they lost their dear ones. They became one for their single destination and they found what they desired. Pakistan Day demands from us the same passion and unity as it was practiced during the movement for freedom. Every Pakistani should think and work for the great cause which means Unity, Faith, and Discipline should be practiced to be the ideal nation of the world.


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