Importance of English as a Language

Language is our major means of communication; it is how we share our thoughts with others. A language’s secondary purpose is to convey someone’s sentiments, emotions, or attitudes. English is one such language in the world that satisfies both the above purposes. English has been regarded as the first global Lingua Franca. It has become part and parcel of almost every existing field. We use it as the international language to communicate in many fields ranging from business to entertainment.

Many countries teach and encourage youngsters to acquire English as a second language. Even in nations where English is not an official language, many science and engineering curriculum are written in English.

English abilities will most certainly aid you in any business endeavors you choose to pursue. Many large corporations will only hire professional employees after determining whether or not they speak good English. Given the language’s prominence, English language classes will be advantageous to you if you want to work for a multinational organization and will teach you the communication skills needed to network with professionals in your area or enhance your career.

The English Language opens an ocean of career opportunities to those who speak this language anywhere in the world. Similarly, it has turned into an inevitable requirement for various fields and professions like medicine, computing, and more.
This international language is used in all forms of recreational activities. Movies, books, and even sports, all of these activities make use of English as their primary language. If anything can be referred to as the powerhouse of entertainment on a global scale, it will be Hollywood. All the movies here are in English only, and to enjoy these, especially without any dubbing, an understanding of English is a must. Today English is no more a foreign language and has taken root in every nerve of the people.


Importance of English as a Language



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