how to write letter to an editor

How to Write Letter to an Editor of a Newspaper

T.D. Public School




The Editor

XYZ Newspapers


Subject: Water Conservation

Respected Sir / Mam,

Hello! I am Raman, a student of S.M. Public School, Delhi, class 10. I am writing this letter with concern regarding the poor condition of the road. During the rainy season, there is water logging everywhere, which makes it difficult for commuters to walk or ride their bicycle or car even.

It is extremely dangerous for people to come out of their houses during the rainy season as there are potholes on the road which further lead to an accident. Not only have accidents become a concern but for people living near such areas are also at risk due to the born of various diseases like dengue. Awareness must be created regarding this condition. So, it is my humble request that you highlight this issue in your newspaper and spread awareness among the public. Media is one of the most powerful tools these days. It holds the power to make and break the kingdom and can definitely urge the government and the public to be more responsible for water problems and measures for improving the roads.

I hope you will consider this small request and take action on it.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,


how to write letter to an editor


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