health is wealth essay

A well-known and old saying is that “health is wealth.” It is a saying we have all heard since we have been kids, implying that health is more important than money. Because a healthy man is more practical in life and he can do whatever task; furthermore, a rich man who’s sick is unable to work, and he can never afford good health.

A healthy body is physically, emotionally,
and mentally in good condition. Our health is more
beneficial than anything else we have now. It’s a secret of a cheerful man. It’s important to have a healthy and disciplined lifestyle because happiness and success are inconceivable to achieve without good health. Good health brings pleasure to our life.

A healthy man doesn’t need to burn their wealth on medications however, a man who has horrible health has to spend more cash to fix it. Peoples work very hard to earn money, but they neglect their health, and that could be an enormous mistake because once they fall sick, they do not do their work with the same focus and dedication.

A physically unfit person has plenty of issues in their personal {and professional} life. They cannot work for long hours, and they are also dependent on others to meet their necessities. Common training is essential for good well-being. It enhances blood circulation in our bodies.


health is wealth essay

Health is Wealth Essay 250 words


health is wealth essay

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