Format of an Appointment Letter

Easy Format of an Appointment Letter

Date: July 20th, 2020


Roshan Kumar,

#122, Road 12

New Delhi-22

Dear Roshan,

That is with regards to your application for the job profile “Web Developer” and the next discussions you had with us on the interview on July 2nd, 2020, on the next phrases and conditions.

Designation: Web Developer

Location: Delhi

You might, nonetheless, be required to work anywhere in the company per the later requirement.

Graduation of Employment: Your employment might be efficient with us since August 1st, 2020.

Salary and Compensation: You’ll obtain the CTC of 4.8 lakhs every year as per talked about in the connected sheet. Tax deductions and other statutory deductions will be made on the source. You’ll obtain the variable quantity based mostly on your efficiency, strictly. After the completion of the probationary interval, you’ll be eligible to depart, as per the company guidelines. The depart coverage has been connected to the letter in your reference.

Working Hours: The working clays will usually begin on Monday and finish on Friday. The working hours might be 9 AM to five PM.

We congratulate you on your appointment and need you for an extended profession with us. We guarantee you may have a terrific journey and get our full support in your skilled progress and growth.


(Name and signature of an authorized particular person)

(Name of the employee),


(Name and signature of authorized person)

(Name of the employee),



Format of an Appointment Letter



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