format for letter to editor

Format for Letter to Editor of Newspaper

Vidya Vihar,
3 May 2021

The Editor,
National Daily Newspaper,

Subject- Awareness regarding the hazards of using headphones on the roads.

Respected Sir,
Through the column of your newspaper, I want to share my point about the risks of the use of headphones on highways/roads/streets. I also found that when our focus is divided, the dangers of an injury increase. This is an ignored, but very popular issue. Many people wear headphones while driving or walking. They feel that it looks cool or natural but they don’t see the detrimental effects of it. When listening to music, you can avoid noise outside, but you can also avoid the sound {of vehicle horns, stray dogs, etc. Some vehicles may come from the other side, but they are so embraced in music that they don’t know about it. Or, if an individual crosses the lane, they may not know if they do not hear, which may be fatal in turn. This may be a major problem when an ambulance is behind us and wants a passage, so you don’t know about it. Music can influence the mood but it can influence your driving as well. Music is an entertainment medium, it is vital and should have a place in our lives, but at the same time, we cannot concentrate on two separate activities. This truth is not known to many people and it must be known to them. Full focus on the road is a must for safety while driving.
I hope you will give space to my thoughts and article in your newspaper and make people aware of the effect of using headphones while driving.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully,


 format for letter to editor


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