Essay to my best friend

My best friend’s name is Sahil. He’s very sensible and clever. He’s 13 years old. He studies in my class. He is a good boy. He’s very kind. We go to school together and we come back from school together. He goes to tuition with me and after tuition, we go to the playground for playing cricket. He at all times the topper of the class. He’s very helpful. He helps me with research in addition to the helps weak college students. He at all times helps me to solve math questions. He at all times motivates me. He at all times stops me from doing something improper. He always helps me when I get in hassle. He always makes me understand when I do not understand things. He understands my emotions. We always share our tiffin. Whenever I get absent in the classroom, He helps me in doing all of the left homework and class work. His mom is a housewife and his father is a health care provider his favorite foods are Momos and pizza. His favorite car is Lamborghini. He said that in the future he’ll purchase Lamborghini. His favorite movie is 3 idiots. he’s self-motivated. He desires to become an IAS officer. May God give everyone a friend like him. I really feel fortunate to have him as my best friend. He’s so precious to me and I never want to lose her.

Essay to my best friend

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