essay on the television in english

T. V. is a wonderful invention of today. It has made T. V. popular throughout. Its main aim to provide pure entertainment. T. V. works on a disc antenna. The movie or any video cassette is relayed from the place of the cable T. V operator. It appears on all the T. Vs. Connected with it. The cable T. V. Programme is relayed from 7 a.m to 12 p. m. Everyday. Many films can be seen every day on T. V. But T. V. has many disadvantages. It kills our time. The children and even elders remain glued to their T. V. set most of the time. Sometimes, vulgar scenes and films with too many advertisements are relayed. It affects badly the younger minds. That is why now people have begun to disallow T. V. connections.

essay on the television in english


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