Essay on My Mother My Inspiration

(Essay on My Mother My Inspiration)

Everyone in this world has someone as their inspiration.
I have one such inspiring person and that is my Mother. My mother has been the greatest inspiration of my life. The simple reason behind this is whatever I am today is because of her. She had to deal with too many things like cooking food, washing clothes, etc. no matter how tired is she. Mother is our first friend with whom we can share our happiness and sorrow. My mother has taught me to strive for my inspiration. My mother helps me when I get in trouble. But after her a lot of effort some people leave them alone when they get old. They leave their parents to die. But even after all this mother never stops to love their child. Like Muniba Mazari once said “On the road to success there is always we not me, don’t think that you alone can achieve things No there is always another person who is standing behind you maybe not coming on the forefront but behind you praying for you and supporting you never lose that person and I believe that person is your mother.

Essay on My Mother My Inspiration


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