Essay on My Hobbies in English

I’ve three hobbies singing, dancing and drawing. first I wish to let you know about singing I like to sing since childhood. This hobby gives me happiness. My dad and mom and my friends say that you’re a good singer. You can be extremely popular. Your voice is melodious. I’ve won many prizes for winning singing competitions in my school. Every day I am going to take a singing class to enhance my singing. I can sing English songs and Hindi songs. My favorite singer’s name is Arijit Singh. He’s a wonderful singer. I like his voice. I believe he’s the greatest singer in Bollywood. I wish to be a singer in the future. My second hobby is dancing I like to dance. I am going to take a dancing class after taking the singing class. My mother is a good dancer. sometimes she teaches me to dance. Dancing is essential for everybody. Dancing teaches us many issues. My favourite dancer’s name is Dytto. She is an American dancer. She is known for her slow-motion and robotic dance. My third hobby is drawing after I get free time I draw. I draw pictures of people animals and anime characters. but I like to draw pictures of people. I upload drawing videos on Youtube. I got first prize for winning a drawing competition at my school. I draw because I like to do this. or win drawing competitions in my school. I draw because I love to do that.

Essay on My Hobbies in English

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