Essay on Importance of Trees

Essay on Importance of Trees for Class 3

Trees are very important in our life. They provide us fruits to eat and firewood to burn. We build homes and make furniture with their wood. Trees assist living issues. They provide us oxygen to breathe. They take in the carbon dioxide that we exhale. They produce starch for our food Trees are a necessary part of the ecosystem. Trees take in carbon dioxide and provides us oxygen. Trees are of many sorts there are millions of species of bushes. Trees provide animals with meals and shelter. Trees additionally provide people with many important resources. Trees are also important to the supply of medicine. Trees are used to make furniture and other business products. Trees and their branches are used as a source of fuel. Trees prevent soil erosion Trees stop the flood
Trees clean the air around us. Trees should not be cut down, and we have now to plant more trees.

Essay on Importance of Trees


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