Essay on Cow in English

Essay on Cow in English 250 Words

Cows are one of the most important animals to man. They’re categorized under livestock and help us in many ways. Cows are terrestrial mammals and feed on grasses and leaves. Man has been depending on cows for many centuries for food, hide, and other products. Cows are 4-legged animals that are herbivorous. They feed on plants. They’re big animals that can reach a height of 3-4 feet. We get plenty of food products from cows like milk, cheese, yogurt, fats, etc. They’re mammals who give birth to young ones. The babies of cows are known as calves. There are lots of sorts of cows; some of them have white, plain pores and skin, while others have a spotted body. A lot of the cows have thick coats that are 4-layers deep. Cows are of great importance to man. We’re depending on them for plenty of products without which we can’t think about our lives. The meals of cows is known as fodder. Cows are saved in farms the place they’re wanted for offering milk. These are sensitive animals and want a clean and dry place for staying. Plenty of massive farms provide them with proper hygienic conditions to live in and take care of their nutrition.

Essay on Cow in English

What is Cowshed?

a farm building in which cows are kept.


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