Diary Entry Format for Class 9

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Patriotism and our Nation

Dear Diary,

Today during history class our teacher shared with us stories of a few freedom fighters. They intrigued me a lot as I could never imagine people giving up everything valuable to them for the nation and its people. These people are models of inspiration, especially in today’s day and age. The chief concern of every person these days is limited to his own luxuries and to that of his family. This has to change. As we see through history, progress can be achieved only when people give up their own interests in favor of the betterment of the larger society. The freedom fighters did their part in the struggle for our independence. It is our duty now to safeguard this freedom handed to us as a gift. We need to learn from them the value of selfless service and perseverance to do our part and give back to our country for the love and care we receive.


Diary Entry Format for Class 9

2. Diary Entry Format for Class 9

Deary Diary

Our board exam results have not yet been declared and already the news of malpractice is making the rounds. There are cases of attempted bribery reported for admissions into esteemed colleges. Such news is really very disheartening. Especially when coupled with the various reservation schemes already existing. This leaves no scope for children like me who do not fit in any minority groups nor can sum up large amounts for donation. This is a very serious problem, and I am really threatened by it. Even if the malpractices are ignored or hushed up, as very often they will be, the fact that these students will not excel in their courses is inevitable, thus causing a loss of the country’s resources employed in their training. I do not know what to look forward to anymore. I just hope and pray that such practices are tracked and nipped in the bud.



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