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 Cricket Essay in English


Cricket is a popular sport played all through the globe. It was invented in the late sixteenth century in England and since then has gained popularity with at present time over 2 billion fans spread across the globe. The game is played with only a few forms of equipment over a rectangular piece of land.

How is Cricket Played?

The game of cricket is played with a ball and a bat. It’s played between two teams having 11 players each. The teams take their flip to subsequently bat and ball. The team that selected to bat sends its two players (batsmen) to the field whereas the remaining waits for their turn, outside the field. The bowler of the opposite team bowls to hit the wicket, whereas the batsman hits the ball to score runs. The remaining 10 players of the bowling team occupy the field. When the first inning gets over, the bowling staff takes to batting and the batting staff takes to area
Some Essential Rules.

The rules of the game of cricket are specified in a code called the Laws of Cricket. There are 42 laws identified to be drafted as early as 1744 and is presently maintained by the Marylebone Cricket Club in London.

In the center of the field, there ought to be a rectangular pitch measuring 22 yards from wicket to wicket.

Every over in cricket has six ball deliveries. After every over, the bowlers are rotated. Batsmen score runs till they’re bowled and send off the field.


Cricket is an extremely popular game played all through the globe. Played with simple equipment it has a particular set of rules but the sheer talent of the players and fast-changing situations in the course of the game’s progress have made it immensely popular.


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