Books are Our Best Friend Essay

(Books are Our Best Friend Essay)

A best friend is one who is always with us. A best friend is with whom we can share everything. A best friend is who helps us to grow in our life.  A best friend is one who shows us the right path in our journey to success. A best friend who solves our problems. Aren’t these qualities in a book itself? Yes, we can say a book is our best friend because it is the only thing that has all the qualities of a best friend. The book helps us to gain knowledge. there are various types of books, Knowledge books, Biographies, Novels, Short Stories, etc. Books are our amazing partners. There is say, “Books are our best friends no compliments, no demands but they stay with us whenever we need them”. Books not only give us knowledge but they also take us completely into a different world!. Books give us happiness and hope to live. They also help you to open your mind. Books take you a place where you have never been. I think there is no friend as loyal as books. When you read books so you become a reader and as Harry S. Truman once said readers are leaders.

Books are Our Best Friend Essay


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