an essay on women empowerment

Women are deprived of the facilities and opportunities of modern days. They can’t undertake science and technology easily as they are compelled to stay at home as soon as. In earlier days women are treated as the object of the home whose main responsibility is to stay at home and do the household work. These days they come out of their homes and take equal part in national and international platforms. From the very beginning of civilization, our society is male-dominated women stay in the darkness for long days. They suffered from home violence, sexual harassment, and physical torture. They can’t go outside for work like a man. Although the scenario has changed gradually, as soon as their condition was very bad. A nation can’t reach its desired goal of development without the help of women. They consume more than half of the total population. If they continue to be ignorant and unemployed, they can’t participate in a growing country and become a burden to the country. An empowered woman can stand for the proper with her bold decision To carry girls into the mainstream of life correct training is a should. The social right of a human being needs to be ensured strictly for the woman. To implement all of the rights of a woman law ought to be enforced. Many working women face problems in their office because of gender discrimination, and sexual harassment. The authority ought to take the necessary steps to make their workplace secure Empowered women changed into the assets of a country. They can givepath and take part in economic and political issues. If the equal right of women can be secured, they will add a brand new dimension to the growth of society.

an essay on women empowerment


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