an essay on my teacher in english

My teacher’s name is Anshika Srivastava. She teaches us English. She is 27 years old. She is our class teacher. She speaks English fluently like an American. Her method of teaching is very good. I like her method of teaching. She tries to use the easy way to make us understand things. She talks politely. She teaches us how to speak confidently in front of others in English. Sometimes if we make the mistake she doesn’t beat us she makes us understand. She helps us. She teaches us good habits. She shows us the right path. She takes care of every student like a mother. I love my teacher very much.

an essay on my teacher in english

Essay on My English Teacher for Class 1,2,3

My teacher’s name is Ankit Kumar. He is an M.A.B.T. He is about forty. He is very healthy and active. He teaches us Mathematics. He is a very brilliant teacher. His method of teaching is very good. He corrects our mistakes. He has a Youtube channel. He teaches students on Youtube. He loves everyone student. But he is very strict. He clears our doubts. After explaining he always asks us have you all understood ?. He keeps discipline in class. He never leaves his class. He is an ideal teacher. I love him very much.

an essay on my teacher in english



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