an essay on environment

Environment means all the natural environment such as land, air, water, plants, animals, stable materials, garbage, sun, forest, and other issues preserve the stability of healthy environment nature and develop all living issues on Earth, nurture and development help to. However, now some technological advances have deformed man-made issues in many ways in the environment, which is ultimately spoiling the stability of nature. We’re risking the existence of life along with life on this planet in the future.
If we disrupt all environments environment is as if nothing is wrong with the discipline of nature, this atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the period’s lithosphere. Apart from the natural environment, there is also a man-made environment that deals with technology, work environment, aesthetics, transportation, housing, facilities, and urbanization. Man-made environments affect the natural environment to an important extent, which we can save together.
The components of the natural environment are used as a useful resource, although it’s exploited by humans to fulfill some basic physical wants and the aim of life. We should always not challenge our natural resources and prevent such air pollution or don’t waste of the environment. We should always give importance to our natural resources and use them under natural self-discipline.
We will save our environment the small steps taken by every person on earth in very easy way; To scale back the quantity of garbage, change garbage properly, stop using poly luggage, recycling of outdated items by brand new means, repair, and recycling of damaged items, use rechargeable batteries or fluorescent lights. Use the renewable alkaline battery to avoid wasting rainwater, reduce waste of water, save energy, and cut back electrical energy utilization

an essay on environment


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