an essay on Computer for Students and Children

An Essay on Computer for Students and Children

The monitor is an output device of the computer which shows results while the keyboard and device mouse are input devices that are used to give commands. A computer has not only processing input and output devices. It passes a control and arithmetic unit and a memory unit that stores data. In this digital world, computers possess an important place in our work easy. It saves our time and reduces our effort. Computers are used in offices, banks, hospitals, railway stations, educational institutions, etc. Computers are used for entertainment like computer games, watching and listening to music. Students can use it for their studies. It helps their studies. It helps them to make their assignments and search for information about different topics. The computer is a wonderful gift of science created by man to help mankind. Laptops and desktops are the forms of computers that are ruling the world today and these have definitely changed the lifestyle of people and the lifestyle of people and status of developing countries.

an essay on Computer for Students and Children


Short Essay on Computer

A computer is an electronic machine. It has four units CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse. it can acquire, store, manipulate reproduce and communicate data at a very high speed. A computer does not understand ordinary language. Special languages like Basic, Cobol, Pascal, Fortran, etc. have been developed to feed data to computers. Cobol is the language used for processing business operations. Computers are being used in all walks of life today. With e-commerce and the Internet, online shopping is on the increase. Computer operators are in great demand. There is a great scope for computer professionals in Medicine, Engineering, Finance, and Management. The computer has opened up a whole lot of business opportunities for us.

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