an essay on air pollution in english

Air pollution is one of the major problems these days. Almost countries become victims of this environmental pollution. The contamination of the poisonous gases in the air causes air pollution. Due to the irresponsible behavior of human being the air gets polluted. The emission of smoke from factories, cars, etc. pollutes the air. Due to air pollution, the environment becomes unhealthy to survive. There are other causes like the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation is responsible for air pollution. Air pollution is very harmful to all living organisms in this world.
The air we breathe in is getting polluted day by day. With the growth of the population, new industries are setting up, and the number of vehicles is increasing. These industries and vehicles release toxic gases into the environment and cause air pollution. Due to air pollution, the Ozone layer is melting and very poisonous Ultra Violet rays are entering the environment. These UV rays affect humans by causing skin problems and many other diseases. Air pollution can never be stopped but can be controlled. There is no exact clarification on what negative impact of air pollution on your health. The indirect connection falls on the organ. However, the major effect on some organs.

Fatigue, anxiety, and headache
Nervous system damage
Irritation to eyes, nose, and other sensitive body organs

an essay on air pollution in english

(Essay on Air Pollution)


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