Essay on Aim in My Life

Aim in My Life Essay in English

Every man has his aim in life. A man without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. No life is worth living if it has no aim. A fixed aim helps a man to shine in life. An aim keeps a man steady in life. I am a student. I have also a definite aim in my life. My aim and reasons for choosing the aim: My life aims to become a doctor. I shall prepare myself in that way. The people of our village are poor. They suffer from many diseases. they do not get help and advice from good doctors. So, I have decided to go back to my village and serve them. The service of a good doctor is very important. Most of the people of our country are illiterate. They live in the villages. Good doctors are not available in the villages. As a result, many villagers die a premature death. When I think of the distress of these poor people, my heart is filled with pity for them. So, I have decided to become a doctor and serve my poor and illiterate villagers. Population growth is the burning question in our country. But illiterate people are not aware of it. I shall also give people knowledge of health and sanitation and family planning. Success in life depends largely upon the right choice of profession. Through this profession, I shall be able to serve the distressed people of our country. Let God give me the strength to fulfill the aim of my life.

Essay on Aim in My Life


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