A Visit To An Amusement Park Essay

Yesterday I and my friend went to an amusement park. We reached there at 10 a.m. We reached there on time but there was a serpentine queue for the tickets. We took the entrance ticket. The first ride we took was the fury wheel. It was really huge, We were yelling and weeping. After that we went to ride on a roller coaster It was the perfect ride. We closed our eyes and screamed throwing our hands up. Then there was the big Octopus ride, the individual seats revolved on their own and at the same time, each hand of the octopus went in a circular motion. And then We got hungry So we decided to have lunch. We both of us brought some food to eat like sandwiches, fruit juices, pastas etc. After that, there was a ride in which we were waiting for the water rides.  After that, We went in with all of us without any hesitation. And after that we watched an 8D movie It was an adventure movie which we watched. Finally, It was evening and time to go.  It was such a lovely and memorable day. We really enjoyed the Park.

A Visit To An Amusement Park Essay

(A Visit To An Amusement Park Essay)


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