10 lines on rainy season in English
  • Rainfall is one of the four main seasons in India.
  • It begins every year from July to September.
  • Due to the high temperatures in the summer season, water assets just like the ocean, rivers, and many others.
  • Rainy weather feels good to everybody.
  • It removes all the heat from the environment.
  • It helps to grow bushes, plants, grasses, crops, greens, and many others.
  • This season is also very liked by all animals and birds.
  • All pure resources like rivers and ponds are full of water.
  • When it rains, all roads, gardens, and playgrounds grow to be submerged and muddy.
  •  All of us enjoy the rainy season in both school and at home.

10 lines on rainy season in English

Rainy Season 10 Lines in English for class 1

  • The rainy season is a pleasant season.
  • It is also called monsoon season.
  • This season begins in June and ends in September.
  • The rainy season brings relief from the heat for everyone.
  • Ponds, rivers, and streams receive plenty of rainwater during this season.
  • This season is a great friend for the farmers.
  • The rainy season brings a lot of changes in nature.
  • Rainy season cleans our environment from pollution.
  • In the rainy season plants, trees and grasses look very green and attractive.
  • The rainy season is the favorite of kids, animals, and plants.

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