10 Lines On My School in English

Hey there, my awesome readers! Today, we are sharing “10 Lines on My School in English for students of different classes. These 10 lines are written in simple and easy-to-understand English, suitable for students from grades 1 to 6. let’s get started

My School 10 Lines in English for Class 1, 2

  1. My school’s name is Learnium Public School.
  2. It is located in Sarita Vihar, New Delhi.
  3. I have been going to school since LKG.
  4. My school has 10 classrooms.
  5. There are 12 teachers in my school.
  6. My favorite teacher is Rose Mary Mam.
  7. I have 3 friends in my school.
  8. We have a big playground at school.
  9. We have a library at my school.
  10. I love going to school!

My School 10 Lines in English for Class 3, 4

  1. My school is called Learnium Public School.
  2. It is located in Sarita Vihar, New Delhi.
  3. I love going to my school because it is a wonderful place.
  4. My school has a big playground where I can have lots of fun and play games with my friends.
  5. My school has a library where I can explore different books and learn new things.
  6. My school has many teachers who are kind, caring, and supportive.
  7. I learn a lot at my school, and I enjoy discovering new subjects and gaining knowledge.
  8. I have many friends at my school, and we enjoy spending time together, playing and helping each other.
  9. I love my school, and I am proud to be a student there.
  10. It’s like a second home to me!

My School 10 Lines in English for Class 5, 6

  1. I love going to my school because it’s the best place ever!
  2. At my school, I not only learn subjects but also develop my physical and social skills.
  3. The best part is that my school provides us with yummy and healthy meals for free.
  4. My school is really cool because both girls and boys can study here.
  5. Our school has nice buildings and the teachers are super nice and helpful.
  6. They take care of our health by arranging checkups for us and even for children who don’t go to our school.
  7. My school has won awards for helping students grow in many ways.
  8. During summer vacation, my school organizes fun camps that we can join.
  9. We even have a little garden where we can hang out during lunchtime.
  10. The goal of my school is to make sure we become smart, polite, and successful citizens of our country.

10 Lines On My School in English

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions of My School

Q.1 What is very important in school?

Ans. School is important for a child as it provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills for personal and intellectual development, which enables them to build a strong foundation for future success.

Q.2 What is the value of a school?

Ans. The value of a school lies in its ability to foster a supportive learning environment that fosters critical thinking, social skills, and personal development, providing students with the necessary training to move forward in their future endeavors as teachers.

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