10 Lines on Flood
  • Flood is an overflow of water.
  • It submerges low-lying areas.
  • A flood may occur due to the overflow of rivers, lakes, or oceans.
  • The effects of flood include loss of life and property
  • A flood may damage buildings, bridges, roads, etc.
  • A flood may drink the power supply
  • Due to a flood drinking water gets contaminated.
  • agriculture lands get flooded with water
  • floods can also bring benefits like recharge or groundwater, an increase of sail fertility etc.

10 Lines on Flood

10 lines essay on flood

  • Flood is an overflow of water that submerges land that is usually dry.
  • A Flood may occur due to the overflow of water from water bodies, such as a river, lake, or ocean.
  • Some floods develop slowly, while others can develop in just a few minutes.
  • the effects of flood include loss of life and damage to buildings and other structures such as bridges, Rod’s canals, etc.
  • Floods also frequently damage the power supply and sometimes power generation.
  • Due to floods drinking water gets, continued
  • Agricultural land gets flooded with water, which can lead to a shortage of food.
  • It also causes the loss of sewage disposal facilities.
  • Flood water raises the risk of waterborne diseases, such as typhoid, cholera, etc.
  • Flood can bring benefits, such as recharging of groundwater, making the soil fertile.


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